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New to PPC? We’ve Got Some Helpful Hacks

Adwords Guru Perry Marshall conducted an experiment that examined the impact of language placement. Marshall ran two ads for his Pay per click  marketing agency services. Identical in every way, the only difference between these two ads was that one copy printed the benefits first, then features second. The other copy advertised features first, benefits second.

Google Adwords

Although the ad copy was exactly the same, the ad that printed benefits first then features second dominated the other copy, performing significantly higher. The lesson here? In your Adwords copy, always place benefits first, then features. 

Although this first trick was a little more advanced, it illustrates how you can harness the power of the hack to significantly improve your Adwords performance. We have many more beginner friendly PPC hacks for you if you’re interested, and you should be!

  • Adwords is a vast market and can reap serious profits for savvy business owners
  • Businesses make an average of $2 revenue for every $1 spent with PPC ads
  • Paid ads are 56% more profitable than social media

Hack Number One -Find out your Quality Score

When you improve your quality score you can pay less to acquire leads and clicks. As you will see, when your QS is higher for your AdWords campaign than that of your competitors, you’ll end up paying less to acquire clicks and leads. Because your cost is lower this means that you can increase your chance of conversion.

Before you can improve your quality score, you need to know what your current score is. Here’s how to find out

  • Log into  your Adwords account
  • Click Campaigns tab at the top
  • Select the keywords tab
  • Click the white speech bubble next to any keyword and you’ll see the quality score for each keyword.

Hack Number two: Keep your enemies close.

If your competitors’ ads are ranking higher, scoping out your competitors is a key to your success.

Use SpyFu to check out your competitors and the for best performing keyword for both organic listing and paid ads.

  • In the search box in SpyFu.com, Type your competitor’s URL.
  • Click “paid keywords” to see broad match keywords that are powering the most clicks for your competition.
  • In the search box, type your competitor’s URL. Click the search icon.
  • You can bid on the same keywords that are targeted.

Hack Number Three: Get to know the rules:

There isn’t any type of rule that says you have to have more than one ad group and more than 15 keywords in each ad group. Successful companies shoot for a very targeted theme of ads. Therefore, they have less or even one ad group with five to six keywords only. If you’re an AdWords newbie, don’t confuse yourself by having a slew of ad groups and keywords.

  • Set a time range and take and keep tabs on conversions. If something isn’t driving conversions, switch it off
  • Check your reports tab to see where clicks and conversions are coming from
  • Say you’ve targeted many states as your target market but you notice from your reports and see only some states, change your location targeting for the states driving conversions

Hack Number Four: Optimize Your Landing Page

  • Take the time to properly implement conversion tracking on your optimized landing page.
  • If you don’t, you might drive traffic but have no idea if you are converting at all.
  • Use Google Analytics to set up conversion goals in Google Analytics before doling out cash to drive traffic to your landing page.

Hack Number Five: Get More Bang for Your Buck with These Tips

  • Keep the theme for which keywords you want to rank for on Adwords, and keep it tight
  • See who is top dog for these keywords on the search engine results page
  • Analyze their ad copy
  • Make better ad copy compared to them
  • As we mentioned before, use benefits and then features – in that order

Hack Number Six: Wheel and Deal

  • After a week or two, check your search query report to see what people searched for and ended up clicking your ads
  • Find all relevant keywords you missed out on and their click through rate, then add them as keywords
  • Make sure all quality score factors are above average

Hack Number Seven: Achieve Adwords Zen

  • Reduce the Max CPC for keywords already working while increasing your bid
  • Focus on  keywords that are showing less yet is still driving  conversions

Hack Number Eight: Get Intel on Your Target Audience 

If prospects are not searching for your service or product in Google, you’re basically wasting money

  • To see if people are searching, use the Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool.
  • Enter in phrases you think your prospects are searching and Google will be a useful thesaurus
  • Enter phrases you think your prospects are searching for and Google will spit out other relevant, similar phrases.

But Wait! There’s More

Google will give you the skinny on how often people search for your phrases, how competitive keywords are, and how much it will cost to advertise on each keyword.

With all of this info, you will determine which keywords you want to use in your first campaign

Hack Number Nine: Set Advanced Options

For example, if you are in the USA, set the location to the United States and set the language to English.

The device should default to desktops and laptops unless you are targeting only mobile devices.

Hack Number Ten: Break out the Calculator

Figure out your maximum cost per click (Max CPC)

Compare your business’s Max CPC to estimated CPC in your Keyword Tool and see if you can afford to advertise

Max  CPC is determined by your website conversion rate, profit per customer and target advertising profit margin. Set up tracking to more accurately calculate them.

Use this formula: Max CPC = (profit per customer) x (1-profit margin) x (website conversion rate)

Example: Profit per customer is $500. Out of 1,000 website visitors, you convert 10 into customers, which means 1% conversion rate.

If you aren’t getting the results you like, increase your profit per customer or your conversion rate to make a profit.

The Big Picture

Adwords can be scary at first, but if you use these hacks you’ll be on the fast track to success. Keep your themes tight, make sure you have an optimized landing page that communicates your unique value proposition and connect your Adwords account to Google Analytics. Although you are an Adwords beginner, this article will ensure that you can make educated bids, based on data.


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