Optimizing Your Site for the First Time? Use these Free SEO Tools

SEO is neither rocket science nor a walk in the park.

It’s easy enough to understand and implement but difficult to master.

This reason is precisely what makes SEO appealing to people. It requires creativity, analysis, and some elbow grease to help make your site increase its visibility on Google and Bing. The best and most optimized site will eventually rise to the top.

For those interested in getting their feet wet in SEO, be aware that you can’t do this on your own. You need tools that will collect and measure data to help you understand your site’s performance on organic search.

In this post, you will learn the best free SEO tools that will help you get the job done and optimize your site to its fullest capacity.

What tools do I need for SEO?

SEO covers a broad scope of responsibilities. However, to simplify the entire practice, we can divide it into specific tasks:

  • Keyword research – Find keywords that people often search on Google. By optimizing for these keywords, more people will click on your site from search results, thus increasing your site traffic.
  • Backlink monitoring – Find out if your website has backlinks and determine the best backlinks of your site. Since the quality of your link profile bears weight as an SEO ranking factor, you need to clean up your link portfolio.
  • Link building – Find ways to generate links from authoritative sites.
  • Competitive research – Spy on your competition by checking your site’s link building activity
  • Website tracking – Measure the results of your SEO campaign and determine what needs to be done on your next campaign based on the gathered data.

The first four tasks will help you comprise your SEO strategy and campaign.The goal is to find keywords to rank for your site pages, check the links you have so far, and find link building opportunities by analyzing your competitor’s performance.

Once you’ve developed a campaign and implement it over a period, you need to check how your website improved its traffic with the help of your SEO strategy.

The tasks will help us identify the free SEO tools you need to use so you can develop the best possible SEO plan using the available resources.

The best free SEO tools to use

Keeping all these things in mind, below are the SEO tools that you should use:


Usually, Google Keyword Planner is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to keyword research. However, the changes the tool has undergone has made it difficult to extract accurate information for your keywords.

To generate how many times a keyword is searched every month of Google, you need to shell out cash just to get the data. With Ubersuggest, however, you don’t have to!


The tool will not only show you suggestions for your keyword you entered but also reveal the exact number of monthly search volume a keyword has! No other free SEO tool has this function and it renders paid keyword research tools useless.

As a free SEO tool, Ubersuggest will revolutionize how you conduct keyword research.

Moz Open Site Explorer

One of the first and among the best link monitoring tools in the market us Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

It reveals your site’s inbound links that you can organize using different metrics such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Spam Score. The tool also lets you see the pages in your site with the most backlinks, domains that are linking to yours, anchor texts used on your links, and more.

Technically, Moz Open Site Explorer is a freemium tool – you need to have a paid subscription to use all its features such as Link Opportunities. Nonetheless, the free version of the tool is sufficient enough to help you understand the health of your site’s link profile, as well as your competitors’.

BuzzStream Link Building Query Generator

Believe it or not, the best link building tool for beginners is Google Search.

Using the different search operators for your queries, you can unearth hundreds and thousands of link building opportunities for your site!

However, there are too many search operators to use that you won’t remember all of them.

In fact, you don’t have to remember them if you use BuzzStream’s Link Building Query Generator.

By entering your product category, target market, keywords, brand, and competitors, the tool will show you the different search strings you can use to find guest posting opportunities, directory sites where to register your site, and more!


There are lots of SEO factors that affect your organic search rankings. Aside from backlinks, there are lots of on-page SEO factors that you need to consider when optimizing your site for Google and Bing.

However, most of these factors won’t be seen by the naked eye. To make the job easier for you, SEOptimer will scan your site for errors that need your immediate attention. These issues may be preventing your site from ranking on top of Google organic search.

The tool will analyze your site based on five factors (search, usability, performance, social, security) and provide an user-to-understand report that will help you identify the errors, as well as the fixes you need to make.

You can also run your competitor sites using SEOptimer to identify their areas of weakness and capitalize on them.

Google Analytics

When all is said and done, you need Google Analytics to make sense of your site’s SEO performance.

This tool is powerful enough to provide you with enough data to not only show you the site traffic but also reveal the following:

  • Websites where your visitors came from
  • How long they have stayed on your page
  • Whether your visitors visited another page on your site or exited from it
  • Pages that are driving the most traffic
  • …and many more

If you’re serious with doing SEO on your site even if you’re just starting out, then you must learn how to leverage Google Analytics to your advantage so you create actionable items based on the data you will analyze from the tool.


There’s so much for your teeth to sink into when it comes to SEO. The free SEO tools mentioned above just deal with the top of the iceberg. Once you get acquainted with more advanced SEO tactics, you will demand more data using even more tools to help you unearth data that wasn’t available to your before.

In the meantime, the free tools featured here should are sufficient enough to build the foundation of what soon will be your knowledge of SEO.

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  1. Hi Vishwajeet.

    Using tools are the smarter approach towards the work, which saves a lot of time and lets you know what to be done to have more SEO visibility. The mentioned tools are really impressive and Google Analytics helps to understand the reader behaviour towards your website, which helps a lot for taking further approaches.

    Though for, keyword research I don’t use a lot of tools, Google Autosuggest and Keyword Planner phrases does the job for me. But, at times, SEMrush and Ubersuggest compliment them in the whole keyword procedure…

    Have a great day ahead!


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