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Organic ways of increasing social media followers

Being a digital marketer, I know that no matter how much capital you spend on your paid marketing, nothing is more valuable than the organic audience. Having an organic audience means that these people are authentic target market of yours and they have liked or click on the follow button on your social profile with their own will instead of watching your ad again and again on their timelines and newsfeeds.

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Moreover, the organic audience also looks good in your monthly audit report and also make your ROI more emphatic than the audience gain from paid marketing.

For almost every business, generating leads is the final goal of maintaining a social media presence. For those whose business model does not allow them to get any lead from the social media platform, their goal change into engaging the audience. However in both conditions, generating some following is the imperative task.

For almost every business, generating leads is the final goal of maintaining a social media presence.Click To Tweet

You have to get some fans and followers on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest accounts before even starting your marketing activities. The more organic fans and followers you would have on your social media account, the better your reach of marketing will be. In short, to reach the maximum potential result of your social media marketing, it is important to have as many organic fans and followers possible.

The experienced and professional social media marketers know how to increase the number of organic audiences. However, for the new digital marketers or the social media marketers, this remains the mystery. To unfold this mystery, I am writing this article to educate my fellow young social media marketers so they can also learn how to generate organic social media followers.

Choose your Platform wisely:

There are hundreds of social media websites, but only a few are prominent and big enough to market the brand on it. However, out of those few, not every social media website have the same sort of audience. Each and every social media website has their own kind of audience which means that you must consider the social media website in your social media marketing plan too. For example, if the business model of your client is business to business than platforms like LinkedIn is suitable for you. The reason behind is that LinkedIn has more corporate and business minded people as compare to other social media mediums like Facebook and Twitter. In the same way, if your client’s business is more about direct selling and it is for the people who are quick in decision-making and doesn’t require any long purchasing decisions because of its lower prices than platforms like Facebook is best for them. All the purpose of doing is that you will find the audience which is more related to your business or in the marketing term, you will find most of your target market if you choose the platform wisely in your marketing platform. If you don’t do this, then you will get very few followers organically, and you have to pay the website to find the people who could be interesting in your product or service.

Optimize your profiles:

Another way of getting more and more organic fans and followers on your social media profile is to optimize it. Being a social media marketer, you must have heard about the term search engine optimization. Take some lesson from your fellow SEO guy or from any other platform and apply only the keyword part and use it for your social media profile. In the SEO, the SEO guy does some keyword researching before starting their activities.

These keywords are those words or phrases that their potential customers do to search their product category. Then they accompany those keywords in the content of their websites so Google can crawl them and show to their potential customers whenever they use same words and phrases for finding their product category through Google.

Every social media website also has its search engine mechanism. Most of them operate through the same process as the Google operates. That is why you can also do the same as the SEO people do with their website to make your profile prominent. You can either use those keywords in the description of your social media profiles, or you can incorporate those keywords in the content of your postings.

For this, you don’t need to pay your social media platform anything, and this way of optimization will work for you. This is another way of showing your brand to all the people who are searching for you without paying you anything. This is another way of increasing your fans and followers organically which should be the aim of every social media marketer.

Promote your presence everywhere:

Dig in as much as you can into your social media website. You will find many platforms with a platform to promote your presence on social media. For example, there are many groups in the Facebook where the people communicate and sell or purchase the products. These are some platforms in which you don’t need any capital to promote your business. Moreover, you can also engage your target audience directly without any interference of any other thing. Moreover, you can also ask your client to add your social media profile URL link or add it with any barcode to get some organic fans and followers from different means too.

Author Bio:

Maurine Hall is a Master’s degree holder in Marketing from the University of Nottingham and carrying his career in the digital marketing industry. He also has an incredible writing talent that is why he own an academic writing company which provide the services like dissertation writing help services to the students in need.

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  1. Hi Maurine,

    I have always loved to get organic traffic from social media platforms. People that I engage with come to my blog, get on my list and ….well you know the rest of the story.

    Once we have our sales funnel in place, we can be social with others, but give that CTA to check out our offers.


  2. Amazing articles written by the author. I loved the articles so much. Very informative. Please keep writing.

  3. Hi,
    There is no way to increase online business activists without organic web traffic. So every blogger or webmaster should know about SEO and how to gather organic to website.
    Thanks for sharing this guide.

  4. Hi vishwajeet,
    i agree with you that social media is a great platform in increasing your website traffic without seo and help you in getting more visitors on our website thanks for sharing with us

  5. Hi Maurine

    Yes! I do agree with you that social media is an good platform to build our reputation as well traffic.I have been engaging regularly on Facebook seeing some nice result on my analytics. I have joined in few groups where people ask questions and looking for solutions I use to share them with my thoughts sometimes with my blog referral link which gets some traffic. More like this many activities can be done to drive some traffic along with followers.. Nice share

  6. hello. social media play a very imp. role in increasing traffic for website.. from social media you got quality traffic .. this post help more to increase social media follower..

  7. Social networking site like Facebook are the best places to get organic traffic to blogs…this is the best place to promote blog psot and share our articles..!!

  8. Very Good & much Great. You are successful because you share all the Knowledge you know with others. That’s a Great sign! Good Luck to the Future

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  10. I have accounts on all social media sites and tips in this blog related to social media traffic supports me as a tutor to promote my business running on these social media sites. I just want to say that, thanks for sharing such an amazing tutorial which is encouraging & inspiration me and support me on right time. Thanks

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