How to prevent your WordPress from Spam and hacking.

WordPress Security

WordPress is one of the popular and widely used CMS among bloggers. But apart from its popularity WordPress is also vulnerable to spamming and hacking if you did not take it seriously. Today plenty of bloggers and webmasters complaint about their WordPress site is got hacked. Before they understand anything …

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5 ways to get more likes to your Facebook Page.


Social Media plays a very important role in today’s marketing strategy. People love to use social networking site and it becomes their part of life.  People use social networking sites to share their stories and connect with people’s worldwide. Facebook is one the leading and widely using Social networking sites.  …

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Best SEO Techniques for 2016.

seo cover

SEO world is very dynamic and changing from time to time. To retain the rankings in Search engine you have to implement the new strategy according to latest search algorithm updates especially if you are trying to rank in Google.  However every search engines follows same ranking factors but Google …

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Top five Native ad networks.

Top 5 Native ad networks

You probably have heard about Native advertisements that get popularity in these days. Native advertising is a unique way to serve advertisements to your website. It blends with your site content unlikely other ad networks providing you banner ads, pop ups etc which easily blocked by ad blocker software. Today …

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