Practical Ways to Double Up Traffic to Your Site through Strategic Social Media Promotion

If you own any business online or offline, you now need to maintain a convincing online presence including social media to take your brands to people and get it established. However, many of the novice social media brand promotion aspirants have hundreds of questions in mind when they think of building followers and generating traffic through social media sites like:

  • How is it possible to get more likes and followers?
  • How to get social media followers routed to website or product page?
  • How to increase the traffic consistently?
  • How to effectively convert these leads into a real business?

How to Use Facebook for Your Business

This article is meant for those newbie social media business promotion aspirants who are looking for satisfactory answers to the above questions and want to strategize their social media campaigns.

Some Untold Tips to drive in social media traffic

Most of the businesses now publish content on social media to build more audiences and enhance traffic to their sites. However, even on doing it at a baseline, you will be able to make everything out of each piece of social media content you publish. As like content, you have to serious about driving in traffic too as much as possible. Let’s see how.

  • Social sharing to augment traffic

Next, to publishing a blog article now, marketers promote the same through social media accounts too. On sharing it with various networks, you can get a specific number of clicks from the followers at various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc. once it goes like. The returns of this effort will surely be better than simply blog posting.


  • Repeated posting doubts the traffic?

Everyone knows the above point, and what we check here is what will happen if we post the link to the post a second time through social media? Is there a chance that the traffic gets doubled? Let’s check.

Some studies have proven that sharing a content multiple times on the social media platforms can trigger some better reactions each time. Most of the people, including marketers, are not so keen on sharing the content more than once on social media platforms, but it works. The reality of this is that no one is bothered about seeing your content twice or thrice and based on the theory that ‘no one noticed everything you do,’ you can try this fair strategy to increase your results.

Remember your followers on social media platforms are not those typical RSS subscribers who will go through each feed. In real, sharing content more than once has become mandatory now to ensure that the audience catches up with it once.

  • But, don’t be a spammer

As per a Gramista study, it is also noted that some followers complained about Twitter feeds which were programmed to be repeated in every few hours. Some things are too much to tolerate and will obviously be perceived as spam. So, even when the strategy of multiple postings may win some additional traffic, this shouldn’t be overdone at any cost. To keep the fine balance, you have to abide by some basic rules like:

  • Consider the emotions of your followers as the feeds are meant for them.
  • Create a smart schedule with a fine gap in between rather than making the repetitions so crowded.
  • Consider your won comfort on social media as to what you identify as spam and don’t cross that ‘line of spam’ in your campaigns.
  • Make sure that you always focus on delivering value. Promoting content multiple times is good as long as your primary objective is to provide value to the audience.

Once if you stick to these ground rules, you can develop an ideal mode of operation for social promotions and double up the traffic. Here is a strategic approach to doing it well.

  1. Develop an appropriating schedule

On planning to share content more than once through social media, you have to develop a timeline to stick to. You need to consider the below facts to efficiently devise a scheduler.

  • What is the acceptable standard of repetitive sharing on each social media network you participate?
  • Which days and hours of the day are most preferred?
  • How long will the content you share will remain fresh and of value to the followers?
  • How much gap should you maintain between each social media message?
  • Even on sharing the same content, how you can bring in maximum diversity in it?

It is essential to be careful while you strategize. You may not want to send the message once after another randomly. A sample schedule may look like:

  • Initial publish – Social media sharing right after blog posting.
  • On the same day – after 4-5 hours of initial publishing.
  • Next day – Sharing the same message again based on the scheduler on appropriate social platforms.
  • Next week – Series of the message based on the scheduler on the following week.
  • Next month – The follower month as per the scheduler.
  • Next 3/6/9 months/year – Optional sharing based on the relevance of the content and the value it shares with the viewers.

It is also essential not to share the same message repeatedly which may be found monotonous by the viewers. You can try to ask a few variety of question or an important message rather than always sharing the typical content title + link structure.

Optimize the content for each social media platform

optimize social media

Some social media sites promote text whereas some others images. This should be kept in mind while you are optimizing your content for each network. You can see that Google+ allows longer copy and markdown text for each post. You can also check out how Twitter displays text and image. Instagram focuses primarily on image sharing and the images you incorporated into the blogs posts play the lead here.

More importantly, with each sharing campaign, it is essential to keep track of our results to identify which combination of publishing schedules work the best for you. As we can see, by sharing content multiple times on social networks by taking care of not being a spammer, you not only double the traffic but also strike a chord to go viral.

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