Reasons Why Facebook Moved To Office 365?

This year Microsoft’s worldwide partner conference witnessed a great deal between Facebook and Microsoft. Facebook’s CIO Tim Campos announced the decision to switch to Microsoft Office 365 for all of their 12000 employees.


This massive deal for Microsoft isn’t without any reason. With the Facebook’s motive to give people the power to share and thereby make the world connect to each other more openly, this recent switch of Facebook to Microsoft office 365 will happen to make Facebook work better and at a faster pace.

Facebook’s people are distributed all over the world just as its users. To be able to work with most efficiency, Facebook allows its employees to work on the platform that is most suitable for them. It helps in positive productivity and birth of most innovative ideas. Facebook believes in providing the best tools available in the market for their employees to get these ideas into action. Here are 4 reasons why Facebook thinks switching to Microsoft office 365 can help their employees work at a faster pace.

  1. One of the reasons Campos mentioned was the need of Facebook to make things happen at a faster pace than they are already happening. He believes Microsoft Office 365 has the right capability to makes things done at a speed and make them ‘move fast’.

Microsoft office 365 has more into it than the common features of word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

  1. The next reason contemplated by Campos is the Facebook need to have applications that are easily accessed from any device at any time. As the Microsoft’s applications are best in serving at any device, what can be the better alternative?

This is also beneficial for Microsoft as this deal accounts for about one-fourth of the total revenue of Microsoft, thus accounting to their biggest money maker.

  1. The third reason Facebook switched to Microsoft Office 365 is its ability to compute the huge amount of stored data. We all are familiar with the fact that Facebook has to deal with enormous amount of data all the time and Microsoft has the right tools to meet up this requirement through Exchange, Delve and its new clutter algorithm.

This isn’t the first time Facebook will be using a Microsoft product, it’s just a leap to adopting new cloud-based software called Office 365 rather than using the old outdated software.

  1. The last reason stated by Campos is the Microsoft’s safety feature. Campos says that Microsoft’s Office 365 has the capability to meet their strict safety standards. Facebook will be ensured about no IT hack attempts even with the flexible demand while using Microsoft office 365.

It is not a hidden fact that lately, Facebook and Microsoft have entered into small partnership past this big recent partnership. Regardless, it will not be shocking if in future they both agree to come up with amazing new major changes and bring together something exciting.

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