SEMrush, Best keyword research tool.

Keywords play an important role in your SEO strategy. Keywords are considered as a goldmine for your site to perform well in search engines. There are so many keyword research tools available online like Google keyword planner, MOZ, Longtailpro etc.

I this article I will tell you about one of the best keyword research tools which will help you to find out some well-performing keywords for your website and also help you to analyze your whole website from every perspective.



SEMrush is one of the best and very popular keyword research tools among the webmasters. It is used by some veterans like Shoutmeloud, Bloggerspassion, SEObook, eBay etc.

There are plenty of reasons that you can go with SEMrush. For any SEO professionals there are plenty of tasks that have to be performed like:

  • SEO Audit
  • Position tracking
  • Backlink audit and analysis
  • Ideas for gaining more organic traffic
  • Keep a close eye on competitors.

SEMrush does all the above jobs so effortlessly that you cannot imagine that. SEMrush is a very effective tool to finish all your SEO jobs in just a few clicks. It will provide you good and effective suggestions based on your site statistics. Here are some of the jobs that you can do with SEMrush:

Analytics Reports

Get insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building. Analytics reports show you detailed reports on:

  • Your competitors best keywords
  • Discover new organic competitors
  • Quickly observe position changes of domains.

Analytics reports help you to find the best SEO keywords and get a higher ranking. With SEMrush Organic Research data, you can gain insights into your competitors’ organic content strategy

Advertising Research

Use SEMrush Competitive Intelligence and achieve maximum ROI from your PPC campaigns. With Advertising research you will get a clear idea on:

  • Your Competitors’ Ad Strategies and Budget
  • Analyze Your Online Rivals’ Ad Copies and Keywords
  • Discover New Competitors in AdWords and Bing Ads
  • Localize Your Ad Campaigns

SEMrush gives you access to valuable data on your competitors’ PPC marketing activities, their budgets, their best keywords, their most profitable ad copies, and their AdWords and Bing Ads usage trends. This will not only save your time and money but it also helps you get the best result from your campaigns.


With SEMrush you can check the backlinks of your site. It will also help you to find out some quality and best performing backlinks for your site. With SEMrush backlink tools, you will help to do:

  • Perform a deep link analysis
  • Understand referring domains’ authority
  • Check the quality of your backlinks
  • Check backlinks’ types

Incoming links to your site are not the only factor determining the popularity and credibility of your website, but they are still one of the most important and challenging ones. The more websites that are pointing to your site, the more reasons there are for search engines to like it, and give it more credits for a higher ranking.

As an effective backlink checker, SEMrush shows you which links are pointing to your website and helping you acquire competitive link intelligence for your website.

Keyword Research

Finding a right keyword can help you to make most out of your marketing campaign. SEMrush helps you to find best and good performing keywords for your website. With SEMrush keyword research tools you will able to find:

  • Best performing keywords.
  • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Gather phrase matches and related keywords
  • Get long-tail keywords
  • Explore multinational and multilingual environments

Keyword rich content helps your website content to rank well in search engines. Updating your web texts with valuable keywords, as well as variations of those keywords, will help to ensure successful keyword optimization.  SEMrush acts as a power generator to enlarge the keyword tool for your website.

My Reports

My Reports tool allows you to organize extensive data all in one place. You can access any data generated within SEMrush tools and reports and compile it by dragging and dropping the necessary widgets.

You can send a regular report either to your management, your team or your clients. Once you’ve sent a report, you can use it as a template next time you need to present your results.

Produce custom business proposals to tailor each one of them to a specific client’s needs, and distribute them to increase your connections.


SEMrush is quite costly keyword research tool. But I think it will worth you for trying them out. You will get free 14 days trial to check out their complete bundle of tools. If you are a complete beginner in this field than I recommend you to go with pro plan it will cost you $99.95 per month.

You will get a handful discount if you go with their annual plan. You save almost $800 on their annual plans. Click here to sign up

Don’t worry SEMrush provide you 7 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their tool than you can ask for a refund within seven days of your purchase.


SEMrush not only helps you perform a day-to-day task but also provides in-depth analysis that is very clear and can be easily incorporated into your digital marketing strategy and significantly improve your performance.

With SEMrush you are able to identify opportunities and react to them in less time by having a trusted source of data that is extremely easy for the whole team to assess. I personally recommend this tool to everyone.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience, just drop a comment below.

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