SEO For eCommerce Websites: Key Checklist

In today’s market, being upgraded with technology is necessary. To sell a product, one needs to have an e-commerce website. Those websites are different than normal one and for better visibility on a search engine, you might need to tweak a few things.

SEO For eCommerce Websites

For an e-commerce site, being visible in the search and being on the top of the list is everything. If someone searches for a product which available to you, then your website must come on the top of the list which is the only way to drive sales. For that, you need to take care of the SEO first. Normal SEO checklist is different than e-commerce. Here is the list of SEO for e-commerce website key checklist.


The title is the main part of your website and page. Your title decides that you can be ranked in a search engine or not and there are some tips for a better SEO title.

  • Put your brand name in the title
  • Proper keyword placement is important
  • The title needs to be under 60 characters
  • Use action words in the title as well as “free” and “buy”


Page Loading Time

There is nothing more sells killer than a slow website, your potential buyer will always be impatient and won’t wait for long and backed out soon if the website won’t loads fast enough. But you also have many images on your e-commerce website as its an online shop and you do need to showcase, so how to speed up the website?

  • Optimize your images
  • Upload video from external websites like YouTube or Facebook
  • Browsing catch enable for your user
  • Get a better CDN service for faster load time
  • Reduce redirect


Mobile Friendly

Someone walking on the street and see a beautiful dress or jeans, what would they do, they search for it on the internet from their mobile. Almost half of the e-commerce website traffic came from the mobile and even Google will give priority to those who have a mobile-friendly website. Soit’s better to have a responsive website which works fine with PC users and even on the mobile.

Creative content

Content is a single most reason your website would get a more traffic. You need to put the right keywords as well as blog content. Every e-commerce website drives more and more traffic from their blogs to as they cannot add all the relevant keyword on the page. With a blog, you have a chance to do some SEO and as well give information about the product and solve problems.

Voice search

In a time when people don’t even press the button to search product through GoogleAssistant, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa. It’s better to make your website voice search friendly. Its totally new frontier but it will be trendy sooner. Some of the brands have already teased the possibility of purchasing goods automatically through the TV commercial, yes it’s not a good way, but it worked really well.

Guest posting and link building

For better reach, you always need a new audience and a big audience. Guest posting is the best way to spread the word and lead people directly to your website. Its also important to you have a better inbound link, low-quality backlinks is not an option here. Guest posting does the both, you need to find a website in your niche with better domain authority and you need to make sure to put a link in it so that it will drive traffic and give your website a better high-quality backlink.

Social signals

Social signals are those whom you share on the social media. It will really help your SEO and give you a b9ig audience. Right now Instagram is the best way to show off your fashion collection or anything you want to share. Once you put your link in that and more and more people share it, it will also help you drive more traffic too.


Keywords play a major role in your e-commerce website. A better and high traffic volume keyword can get you tons of traffic and sales as well. There are lots of competition on single word keywords, so try focusing on longtail keywords like if someone wants to buy a jeans, then you wouldn’t get a chance to be in the top 50, but if you have added a long tail keyword like “blue jeans narrow” that it will help you get more traffic and it’s a specific keyword, Google will give your site priority because you are providing exactly what they are looking for.

A normal website and e-commerce website have a different set of Checklist. The main reason would be, an e-commerce website is not just looking for traffic, they are looking for customer and that’s where things are changed. We hope this article would help you understand more about SEO checklist for an E-commerce website.

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