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Smart Ways to Grow your Blog Audience.

Do you have WordPress blog? Do you have audience or traffic on your blog? One thing is clear though, no blogger will say they have maximum traffic on their blog and even those successful bloggers are still out there trying to increase and maintain the audience they have attracted.

smart ways to grow your blog audience

Be among the smart bloggers by taking a look at these few insights on how to increase your audience and maintain those you have. They are generally the normal pointers that many bloggers take for granted.

If well considered they can do wonders for your blog audience growth. Try them today.

How do you grow your audience?

  1. Build email list.
  2. Use of social sharing button.
  3. Create awesome content.
  4. Make your blog readable on mobile device.
  5. Target your blog to for search engines.
  6. Comment on other blogs that are in your industry.
  7. Reply to your readers’ comments.
  8. Include many subscription buttons on your blog.
  9. Offer an incentive for people to subscribe.
  10. Host your own webinar.
  11. Practice guest blogging on bigger blogs on your niche.
  12. Create a link between your blog and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+.
  13. Inclusion of a RSS feed option on your blog is a must.
  14. Write good title for your posts.
  15. Write controversial posts to attract attention.

How to grow your audience with just a click.

Once you did build your own blog you are ready to learn more about how to really grow your audience with just a few clicks. Fast and pretty easy to learn this article will show you a few elaborated points on how you can achieve this and many more amazing personal goals.

These are tips on how your audience can grow and you can find an answer for the question “How to increase website visits?”. It is really important to mention that building your own emails list has been used by successful blogs all around the word, compared with those who do not use it. Although the use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ have taken over, we cannot overlook its vital importance. My free advice: do your mailing list on the first day you create a blog. You can do this by simply offering premium or free e-books that readers cannot access without entering their email and name.

Do not be afraid to use the available social media buttons on your blog so that your visitors can easily share the content of your new blog on their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or other social media account.  Google+ provide you with an opportunity to create hangouts of a hot topic or trending topic and promote it so that people can discuss it at length.

Google+ (½ billion users) and LinkedIn (230 million) are normally ignored but with their large number of users I would say it’s a good deal include them on your blog, if not too many people are doing it, it’s the possibility to create a new media marketing.

Create a free partnership with Twitter, doing this you will be able to produce the best tweets of your content to followers. Twitter has 115 million users making it one of the best social media platforms, this is how powerful it is. But remember, first you have to visit http://clicktotweet.com and create your new tweets the way you prefer and click on generate link. Use available plugins to automatically tweet your published posts like publicize by Jetpack.  Include trending hashtags for more exposure and keep your eye on trending topics, they could be very useful.

Do I need to tell you the importance of using images on your post? Images make the content of your blog much more memorable to your readers for a long time. Instagram social media may be a good start point, you can create powerful hashtags and get more views on your new posts.

Search engine such as Google remain the main way to increase your blog audience. This is not so easy but very important for your blog development and it start by the content you create for your blog. Do you include sub headings with keywords? In this case it is all about persistence until the search engines recognizes you. Just create awesome content and produce your material constantly and you will be heading there.

Develop posts that have links to your older post or other great blogs who are on the same industry as your amazing blog. This way you will increase credibility and your readers can rely on you on anything.

Controversial posts might also be good to attract attention for those who want to understand your view on certain topics.

What is your say?

How do you increase your audience? Any other tips you think I should include on my list? I know I can’t exhaust all of them and that’s why I am open to hear your views, remember, nobody knows all.

I welcome your points on the comment box below and I will share them here on my blog.

Let’s grow our audience together.

About me:

Multiple experiences around the world have given Ana the answer to achieve her dreams. Persistent and with a lot of dedication Ana studied and learned about a universe that many people are afraid to enter. She is the woman behind the www.KitCriarBlogs.com project a totally innovative platform that promises to revolutionize the learning of WordPress.


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  1. Very good highlights, also Facebook groups are good to drive more audience.

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