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Social Media Privacy for Children.

When we think about social media for children, there are some advantages for children using social media websites.  The top social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, increased the level of communication and access to information make kids knowledgeable. But at the same time, social media has serious drawbacks too. The social media impacts on children are quite critical the American Academy of Pediatrics has done a recent research work. Use of social media in children is at their peak.

Social Media privacy

A recent study stated that 22 percent of children go online approximately ten times a day, and 75 percent use social media on their cell phone. This sort of obsession online is very critical and may cause cyber bullying, depression, and high level of interest in online content and sexting.  We always trained our children how should stand in the world, but now we have to focus how to prepare our children for the online world.

We cannot stop children using social media, but we can teach them what to use and how to use. There are some ways to make some privacy for the use of social media usage.

Create rule for young Facebook users:

There are many social media websites, where they allow children using their site at the age of 13. We all know that kids are too smart they went for fake age and started using social media sites. It’s the parents who have to keep an eye on their children. Parents should teach their children at what age they are ready for Facebook.  Parents should not use Facebook in the presence of underage children.

Monitor some privacy settings:

Make sure that the privacy settings of Facebook and internet are on the strictest mod. It all depends upon what sort of browser you are using at the moment, make the setting on Options tab and level around cookies. This sort of hard privacy level will protect the user as well as the computer from the lethal viruses.

Use some software for the purpose of filtration:

There is infinite software available in the market to do filtration on the internet. You can easily purchase software, or you can download from the web.  You can check your children internet activities like browsing history and restrict them to use specific websites.

Make some rules at home:

Let’s suppose your kids are older enough to understand everything regarding the social media sites, and they can use the internet properly then there should be some rules to abide necessarily. Tell your children that if someone violates the rules, then there would be some consequences. Teach them what is wrong and what is right for them.

No special machine for children in their rooms:

This is the most important part of teachings to do some privacy for children from social sites. Allow your children to use their favorite social site in front of their parents. Do not put computer machines individually in their separate rooms. Put your system in the hall where everyone can watch them easily.

Be a role model for your children how to use social media:

Let’s suppose you were using social media in the presence of your children, then always remember they will follow you. So, it’s your turn how can you teach them good thing in an indirect way.  If you are using social media in a proper positive way, there will be 100% chances your children will follow your footsteps.


Aline Carrara is a social media experimentalist and working as a blogger on TheOneSpy cell phone spy software blog. She is a strong member of stop cyberbullying campaign. Her work on “how to prevent from cyberbullying” got great appreciation over the internet. To know more about her follow her on Twitter @alinecarrara7



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