Speed up your WordPress blog using MaxCDN.

CDN is brand new technology which will help you to speed up your blog or website. CDN stands for Content delivery networks. A CDN has Points of Presence (PoPs) or data centers that are situated around the world. Within each PoP are thousands of servers. Both the PoPs and servers help accelerate the speed at which content is delivered to the end user.

A CDN caches all files locally (images, HTML, etc.) in the local PoP they have established. As a result, when an end user requests a web page, it loads faster. If the CDN does not have an image or file that is requested by the user, it will load from the origin as needed.

What is MaxCDN?


MaxCDN is world’s renowned CDN service provider. They are providing best CDN services which will increase the speed of your WordPress blog. MaxCDN’s servers are strategically located for today’s internet—not dial up—and have direct reach into over 90 countries. We provide a reliable CDN service with high peering capacity to handle any given load around the globe. MaxCDN boasts intelligent best-path routing and on-the-fly analysis to monitor packet loss and latency. We’re constantly adjusting to sustain site speed and keep your data flowing smoothly.

Features and benefits:

MaxCDN is a pioneer in providing best CDN services among its competitors. They have thousands of servers worldwide to provide you maximum up-time and network speed. Installing MaxCDN on your WordPress is very easy and can take less than 5 minutes, which will surely increase your blog loading speed. They provide a reliable CDN service with high peering capacity to handle any given load around the globe.


Maxcdn pricings

MaxCDN has been trusted by some leading web companies like Buysellads, Clickbooth, Stumbleupon etc.  Their pricing is very affordable and you can pay as you go. They also provide 100% SLA on Advertising solutions. For example if your website consumes 100GB of traffic than it will cost you around $9 per month. However they have various plans and custom options according to your site need. Click here to check out their packages and sign up as per your needs. They also provide free test accounts to check out their performance.

Integration and customer support:

Integration of MaxCDN to your WordPress blog is very easy. If you are using cache plugin like W3 total cache. They do have a detailed documentation about how to integrate MaxCDN with W3total cache or WP super cache plugin.

Their customer support team is very active and their dedicated network engineers can always be ready to help you and resolve your any issues. They also have active chat support team to initially handle your queries.

MaxCDN’s dashboard panel is very intuitive and easy to navigate. You can manage all your sites under one account. Instant cache purging option will help you to flush your site cache with a single click.


MaxCDN has grown to become one of the best CDN providers among the WordPress users. I hope this article has educated you on what a CDN is, why you need one, why MaxCDN might be the best option for you. If you have any questions or comments, please share it with us.

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    1. hi, Anil. Thanks for dropping your comment. Cloudflare indeed is a great CDN provider. But when you sign up with their free plans, You won’t get any beneits from it until you upgrade your account to premium services.

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