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Start your WordPress blog with Flywheel in 2018

2018 is here and we all are trying to improve and grow our blog, but some of you are quite new and start your own WordPress blog. In this post, I am going to show you how to start your blog with Flywheel in 2018.

Before I start elaborating everything, I have created a detailed post on how to start your blog with Flywheel in 2018.

An Introduction

 flywheel managed wordpress hosting

The Flywheel is one of the leading managed WordPress hosting providers. The company was founded in 2012 by a group of web designers to empower webmasters to start their online business with the help of WordPress.

Today the company has more than 30K active WordPress sites worldwide. Their main goal is to provide a robust WordPress hosting solution to bloggers who want to start his/her blog.

Plans and Features

As you are already aware of that Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting. Whether you are an enterprise or individual blogger, Flywheel has great hosting plans according to your needs. Here are some of the features that the flywheel provides to its customers:

  • Tuned for WordPress with Server Side caching.
  • Beautifully designed user interface.
  • Free migrations (Unlimited sites).
  • No Overage charges.
  • Free SFTP.
  • Easy CDN Integration.
  • Free billing transfer to your clients.
  • One click site staging.
  • Free SSL Certificates.
  • NGINX Server for faster performance.

Flywheel Pricing

These are some of the common features that come with all WordPress hosting plans. Their tiny plan starts from $14.95 per month or $165 annually. In This plan you will get:

  • 1 WordPress install
  • Free site migration
  • 5,000 monthly visits
  • 5GB disk
  • 250GB bandwidth
  • No overage charges
  • Free SSL certificate

Click here to sign up for Flywheel hosting. If you just want to start your brand new site than the tiny plan will be a great choice for you. However, you can easily upgrade your plan at any time in future. There is no hidden fee for upgrading your account.

Excellent Customer Support.

When it comes to customer support Flywheel provides you excellent customer support. Since you are already aware that they are managed WordPress hosting provider, So, they have a dedicated team of WordPress specialist to handle your all WordPress related issues.

Network Up-time

Although Flywheel doesn’t actually offer any form of uptime guarantee (but OK, a lot of uptime guarantees are arguably a bit of a farce anyway), they certainly seem to be offering amazing results. We’ll be keeping watch on this in future (we’ve got no results yet as we’ve only just created a site with them) but according to sites like Web Hosting Performance Report, these guys are leading the field (with current uptime results of 100% and a ‘lifetime’ score of 99.99%. Which is quite good performance.


When it comes to our site security, we do not comprise with anything. Don’t worry Flywheel comes with top-notch security. Hacker-free security is one of Flywheels slogans. They enforce strong passwords for every client/user, limit login attempts to cut off brute force attacks and employ intelligent IP blocking(which means once an IP address is caught trying to be naughty they’re blocked from all other Flywheel sites).

Plus they’ve partnered with Sucuri, a leading WordPress security expert, to offer top-notch Malware scanning at no extra cost. So all of this plus your own implementation of a few basic security protocols (regular password changes, installing plugins and themes from reputable sources, etc.) means that your website on Flywheel will be running safe and sound.

Summing Up things

There is no doubt that managed WordPress helps you to create WordPress site with just a single click. When it comes to managed WordPress hosting there are many expensive web hosting providers are available like WPEngine etc. but Flywheel comes with very affordable pricing and you can start your WordPress site even if you have a tight budget.


The flywheel is a great web host offering managed WordPress hosting for new bloggers, experienced developers, and freelance designers. They’re awesome for so many reasons we couldn’t possibly cover them all in one post, but here are some of the biggest reasons why they rock!

Do let me know your experience with us. If you have any questions or queries let me know by dropping a comment below.


About Vishwajeet Kumar

Vishwajeet Kumar is a passionate and full-time blogger. He is the Owner and Author of this blog. He started his blogging career in late 2016 and has written various articles on Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SEO etc. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.


  1. Hi Vishwajeet,

    I currently have been using managed hosting myself and it makes a huge difference. Here, Flywheel sounds amazing. A good price, great security, and easy to use. What makes it awesome is the customer service provided.
    I will pass this one on to the many bloggers who do need to switch to managed hosting.

  2. I, remember, FlyWheel was recommended by WordPress on WordPress.org/hosting
    I’ve always been wondering what it takes to get noticed there.

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