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Steps Involved in Domain Transfer Process

Domain transfer Process

There are different ways for transferring a registered domain to a different host. This article walks you through the process of transferring your domain registration to another registrar.

How Do I Transfer My Domain Name?

First, you’ll need totalk to your domain registrar where yourdomain is currently registered; from here you can ask them for the domain transfer process. Every registrar follows a different approach, but there are certaingeneral steps that they follow:

  • Login and access to the domain manager tools of your current registrar.
  • Update your contact info like your e-mail address and contact number, so that your existing domain registrar can contact you with important information during & after the transfer process.
  • Make sure all the privacy options are disabledduring the transfer process.
  • Your existing host provider will update the name servers with the name of new host provider, which looks likeNS1.BIGROCK.COM and NS2.BIGROCK.COM. Once this has been done, the DNS change can take from a few hours to one or two days to propagate.
  • Now, you’re ready to use your new domain name.
  • Before that, you need to acquire your transfer EPP code that is also called as the authorization code.

Domain Transfer: No More a Difficult Process

Until the time you receive last notification from your previous host provider, it is necessary to check out if the new registrar isproviding accurate services including WHOIS, DNS servers and website’s web server.  When you’re aware of different steps and processes, it is no more difficult for you to transfer a domain name. However, there are certain things need to be taken care of such as before transferring a domain name make sure it doesn’t have any legal dispute or the identity of its owner is unknown.

In the End

For the process of domain transfer, different registrars have differentprocesses and demand a notarized form. Normally, it would not take more than five to ten days to review and validate a transfer request. Once a request is made, receivedand put into action, only after two or three days you canchange your existing domain with the new one. Thechange of domain name would never affect access to your website even while the transfer process is on.

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