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Strategic Planning and Digital Marketing: What You’re Not Watching

When it comes to increasing results in a company, much is said about the importance of creating content that attracts attention and engages potential brand consumers. In fact, this is critical for the digital marketing strategy to succeed in achieving its goals, such as, to sell more products, increase revenue and gain space in the lives of its customers, in a valuable way. But for the strategy to be effective, it is not just the profile of the target audience that should be considered when defining its tactics. You also need to have an understanding of the organization’s strategy – information that should guide all marketing actions.

This is one of the great secrets of how to succeed with digital marketing. When digital marketing actions align with the macro planning of your business, the brand is more likely to convey the right message in the market, has a better positioning and the results are sustainable.

On the other hand, when these two factors are misaligned, marketing actions may show little return and the company may find it difficult to achieve its macro objectives. Follow the reading to learn more about how good strategic planning for digital marketing can change the results of your business!

 marketing and strategic planning

Signs that marketing and strategic planning are misaligned

Increased billing is not the only point that needs to be analyzed to identify whether the actions taken in the company are effective. It is also necessary to monitor the performance of the processes, the return on investment and if there is synergy between the sectors. It is the synergy that ensures that all the activities done in the organization have the same goals and that these goals are aligned with the tactical direction of the business.

But, after all, how to identify if there is lack of alignment in the company? Start by analyzing whether the company’s image in the market matches expectations. When digital marketing is aligned with macro strategies, the answer to this question is always yes. This is because all actions involving content marketing, email marketing, social network shares, sponsored links and other digital tactics are focused on achieving the organization’s macro objectives, including in relation to the brand image.

Another sign that digital marketing is not aligned with strategic planning is the lack of direction of the actions carried out. The general objectives of the company should guide the development of the marketing plan. Alignment ensures that the main focus is not lost and that the budget is applied in the right places.

There are things you may not be seeing, but what is important to be aware of is the lack of predictability of business growth. There is an increase in profit, but there is no basis for this to be maintained in the long run. This is also an error that may be in the lack of alignment with the company’s overall goals. Sectors work efficiently, but they move to different sides. Here we can include other areas, such as sales and human resources. For growth to be predictable, all parties that form the organization must work in alignment and the line that must guide the activities is the strategic planning, that is, the macro objectives of the company.

 align strategy with planning

How to align strategy with planning and ensure more results

For marketing tactics to take effect, it is critical to plan before you act. When devising a plan, the guide line should be the macro objectives of the company. Where does the company want to go? What image do you intend to have in the market? What audience do you expect to reach? What message do you want to go through? These and other issues should be well-defined.

Identifying the strategy

The first action should be understanding the company’s strategy. All professionals should know it in-depth and the tactics should focus on meeting the general objectives of the organization. Allied to this is the understanding of the target audience of the brand: what are their needs and how can the business supply them. This is the secret of a strategy that is effective, and is based on the right tactics and services which can be taken by any professional digital marketing agency..

Aligning the sectors

Information should not be restricted to marketing. All sectors should understand what the overall organizational plan is, and the forces must be focused on meeting the common goals. After all, for processes to flow well in the marketing industry they must be aligned with processes in the sales industry.

Translating goals into actions

The strategic planning of the company defines the macro objectives that must be pursued. But to achieve results, it is necessary to translate these great goals into smaller actions that can be completed in a given period of time. This is what the tactics of the digital marketing plan are: directed actions so that the company achieves positive results and reaches the desired position in the market.

 Translating Goals

Any company that seeks to know how to succeed with digital marketing and how to increase results needs to be attentive to the signs that point to failures in the way the actions are thought. You need to ensure that they are aligned with the organization’s overall objectives so that the strategy is effective and gives the right message to customers, partners and competitors. This is what results in good strategic planning for digital marketing, aimed at achieving the expectations of the brand and achieve a solid position in the market.

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