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Tech Writing Tools for Writers in 2017

Writing is one of the esteemed professions in the world. Earlier we had typewriters at our disposal. Now we have other writing tools whereby we can check grammar and spellings. Technology has a funny way of making its way into our daily lives and we don’t even stop to notice.

In this article we have compiled a list of tools such as productivity and editing which will enable you to write better. These are available in the form of app and web applications. Let us find out below:



Draft offer distraction free writing. It is a web application and has a clean interface unlike its counterpart, Microsoft Office. It packs features such as the option to share your documents. Upon sharing, you have the chance to either accept or reject proposed changes keeping you in control of your documents.

If you happen to be a writer by profession, Draft will notice your daily word count. For any reason if you have written less words someday, the tool will remind you of your daily average so that you can complete/hit your mark.



Grammarly is perhaps the biggest writing tool out there. As a writer this tool should be your first pick. Why? Because Grammarly allows you to tune your writing style according to the premise. If it is academic writing, the proofreading tools will switch to reflect that style.

If you are doing creative writing, the tool will adopt that writing style and so on. But all this is available in premium version. Free version, however, points out basic grammar mistakes, subject verb agreement errors, and spellings.

Grammarly is also available as a web browser extension and you can download it to check for errors in writing while you surf. It is an exciting tool, no doubt about that! Its suggested corrections, however, cannot be blindly trusted. Since Grammarly is a bot and as writer, it is you who are in a position to understand the context better.

Readability score

Readability Score

Readability score tells how much a person ought to be educated in order to read and interpret a particular piece of writing. As a writer if you check your readability score, you can really improve your writing skills. If the score is less than 70% that means the use of words, sentence structure or cohesion in your writing is complex and it will take a person with high level of education to understand it.

When identified, you can revise and accordingly look to address those shortcomings. Re-check score and see where you stand. Greater score corresponds to greater reading ease and any person with education of 5th grade can understand your content.



A productivity tool that can assist you in writing, how? A web based application that will help you plan your writing. It is akin to a bulletin board and is especially useful for project that requires collaboration of many parties.

With the help of Trello you can arrange Trello cards in columns. These cards can be anything from your to-do lists to the scenes of your novel that you will be writing on.



One of the leading apps by Microsoft for note taking, creation of to-do lists, and writing down ideas for your upcoming blog. Moreover, with Evernote, you can take audio notes as well. There is a web browser extension called the Evernote Web Clipper which quickly allows you to clip articles from all across the web and store in one place.

It is a good tool for retrieving information at a later date such as when completing assignments. The tool syncs across all your devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones).

Cliché Finder

cliche finder

The tool looks to find clichéd metaphors/figure of speeches, similes and other information which have been used way many times and fail to excite or interest your reader. Hence, it is imperative that you curtail those clichéd bits and instead include originality in your writing. This tool will help you identify those areas. You can then research and come up with unique ideas for relaying the message.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

hubspot blog topic generator

It is easy to face a roadblock as a writer called “writer’s block” but what frustrates even more is the inability to be able to decide a topic or a subject to write on. With the help of this tool, you can enter keywords/phrases in to the box and the generator will provide a list of titles to begin writing on.

With a destination in sight, you can research and start writing. Pretty effective where deadlines are tight.

In conclusion

Above are few tech writing tools for writers to watch out in 2017. The list is not exhaustive. You can look for several other tools as well. Let us know which tools we missed out in the comments section below.

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