The 10 Unheard Secrets of Blogging!

Have you figured out what is best for your blog or are you still finding out?

Starting and maintaining a blog is not as easy as it seems, but most people don’t admit it. Therefore we bring you some closely-guarded blogging secrets which will give you a complete insight into creating and establishing an excellent blog for yourself.

Blogging needs your commitment:

Many bloggers don’t share this secret that your blog requires your dedication. Usually, we perceive it as a fun and part-time interest, but it is not true.

Blogging is a full-time job and requires your attention and hard work as much as your business, in short, your blog is your business.

If you want to start a blog, you need to take it seriously with the right research. You have to create engaging content for your audience and come up with creative ideas as well.In other words, you have to live and breathe your blog.

You don’t know your audience until you communicate with them:

Don’t believe when bloggers say that they know their audience before they have started a blog.

They don’t.

You can only get a rough idea about you target readers but not until you start talking to them. There is a big difference in creating content for them, and they actually read it. When you start a blog, you might think that each post you write will be a hit, but it is not. Slowly and gradually you will know what your audience like, what their issues are, what products and services they are interested in and how they communicate it to you. Therefore rather than launching a survey, you can learn by your blog post and create relevant content for them. Also, to strategize things right, you can also initiate an email conversation which will develop a channel for your readers and your readers to keep in touch.

Only 1% of your audience matters for your business:

I know it is hard to swallow, especially when you are planning to take blogging as a business but it’s true.

The most common mistake made by the bloggers is to think that every person in their audience is important.Therefore they try to please everyone and end up pleasing no one.

Even if you have a good number of readers, they might not be your true fans. Your true fans are those who will buy anything you offer and in reality, they are only 1% of your entire audience.

Your passion will not pay unless with right strategy:

Yes, I know that I have mentioned earlier talk to your audience and write what you love. Because who will write for years if they don’t like it?

You can follow your passion, but unfortunately, it will not always pay. It is of the biggest secrets of blogging that not every niche will pay. I am not talking about a handsome five-figure income; some categories will not even pay you few hundred dollars.

But here is good news, you can generate good money if you take things in right direction. First of all, think what you will pay for? People don’t pay to know what their issues are; they want to know how it can be solved!

If your niche is about fashion and you are updating them about latest fashion trends, they might not spend money on your blog. But when you give them tips and tricks how to style according to their body shape, they will pay to solve the issue. Therefore you can choose the niche you like to write about and design your blog to earn money by providing things which audience is willing to spend money on.

Learn some designing basics:

Well, you don’t need to get into complicated designing programs, but it is essential for you to know some basics. Your blogs need to be more visual-oriented to get more likes, shares, and success on the social media platforms like Google+, Pinterest, and Facebook. That is why learn simple designing skills such as font, color schemes, layouts, etc. Canva is a super easy-to-use tool to get started and produce shareable images.

Consider technology carefully:

Technology is one of the most significant features of your blog, so you have to pay more attention to it. Maintain a right balance between not being too technical and technical enough.

Keep in mind few tips which will help you improve your reader’s experience:

  • Don’t force registration to comment on your blog, as it may bounce your audience back.
  • Educate yourself enough. You need to know some basics of HTML and methods to optimize your blogs efficiently.
  • Evaluate your blog and its widgets. Consider its loading time and layouts to know what readers will feel about it.
  • Too straightforward call-to-action buttons can also lead to no conversion rate, therefore improvise it with better designs and content.

Invest in super-duper titles:

The headline of your blog in an inarguably most essential component of your content, it not only helps your blog to register for keywords but it is the best method to catch the attention of your audience. Therefore you need to invest time and energy in creating the crazy, silly, provocative and attention-grabbing titles for more likes, shares, clicks, and traffic on your blog and social media.

Shamelessly admit your efficiency:

A good quality blog needs more time and effort.

Once your blog grows, it will create more opportunities for guest blogging and increase your readers as well, which means it will create more demand for original content. For better content, you have to know your efficiency and think what goes best for you. Some bloggers limit their fun time on the internet and some go with creating rigid blocks on their daily calendar. Either way, you can manage your work without hurting the efficiency of generating quality content which your readers love about your blog.

Make an outstanding value proposition:

It is true that bloggers are good marketers too if you don’t believe, just consider how many blogs a person reads each day. You need to carefully formulate the value with marketing and create content which helps you stand out from others in your niche. You have to add value to your blog so that your customers can’t help without falling in love with you.

Step ahead of just blogging:

If the only purpose of blogging was to create content, why would some big blogs fail? The sole purpose of a blog is not only to create content but also market it the right way. You need your voice to be heard on different marketing channels and target your audience with it. Therefore step ahead of writing from what you love and reach your audience through other blogs, social media and blogging community.


For those who want to start a blog and looking to increase their business with the help of it, should know all these secrets. Therefore we have given you a complete insight to plan, strategies and build your blog into a successful business. It will help you make most out of your passion regarding reaching more readers, success and making more money.

About The Author:

Zoe Lucas is a freelance blogger who loves to write in different niches, Currently working as a web editor at Call Me Loco!

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Vishwajeet Kumar is a proud owner and author of this blog. He is a Pro blogger and digital marketer. He loves to write on topics related to technology, Marketing, Business, Internet, etc. He also loves to connect with people worldwide and help to become successful in their online ventures. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

4 Comments on “The 10 Unheard Secrets of Blogging!”

  1. Yep Zoe; this is a 100%, dead on, full time commit, this blogging deal is. You need to be ALL IN from day 1. Then keep learning, creating, connecting, having fun and meeting people daily. Dive into your fears. Serve folks. Things grow as you commit fully to creating and connecting, no matter what. The bloggers who do commit are the ones who shine the most in their niches.

    Rocking post my friend.


    1. Hey Ryan, I am really glad that you liked the post. Thank you so much for appreciation, I have just tried to jot the most crucial commonalities that every blogger should know about and make it a necessary ingredient of their blogging cookbook! 🙂

  2. Hello Vishwajeet, Thanks for pointing out this important aspect to stay focused on blogging. Yes passion, dedication and patience is needed in blogging. Efforts takes time to show result.

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