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Things that makes SEO content writers different from the Creative Writers

You have great English and good writing sense too. It would be great if you opt to become a blogger or the writer. But before that, it is important to know about the blogging or the writer for the digital medium.

People with extraordinary talent and passion towards writing, write books and do poetry. But those who are not that good enough stick to the digital medium only and write for the different purposes. But, there are many different classes of writing in the digital world. I can make a list of the special skill sets and knowledge of writing that are required to fulfill all the needs of writing for the digital medium.

But the most prominent ones and which we are going to discuss in this article are the SEO content writing and the creative writing.

These are the two different genres of digital medium writing that most of the time requires two different people to do these jobs. However, some people believe that a creative writer can also write for the SEO but by comparison, the difference can be noticed easily.

That is why it is important to know the most prominent things that differentiate the job of the SEO content writer to the creative writer.

In this article, I have compiled a few of the important factors that will make you realize that SEO content writing is a pretty much different genre of writing.

Limited use of Synonyms:

Being a creative writer is all about how many different words you are using. It is a crime if you use any word more than two times and even if you used it twice consecutively, your job is in danger. But in the SEO content writing, the whole scenario is different.

There is a much bigger window of using the same words. However, stuffing your content with the similar sort of words are still unacceptable in the SEO writing just like any other form of writing. The major difference between both the genres of writing regarding the words is the maneuvering. In the SEO writing, you can play with your words and maneuver them as much as you can. As far as it is making sense, you are allowed to use them as many times as you want. This is the basic thing that every writer has to learn before starting writing for the SEO purpose.

Stuffing is a crime:

In the SEO writing, stuffing of the words is a crime. So does in any other genre of writing too. But what makes it worse in the SEO writing is that you are more likely to commit this crime due to the number of words you have to write. The word count is another major difference between SEO writing and creative writing. For example, if you have to write an article on writing services providing companies that give nursing dissertation help to the students, then you are bound to use this phrase very few times. You cannot stuff your content with help or dissertation because it could make a negative impact on your SEO activities.

The reason why only SEO writers have to deal with that problem is that they are the ones who write a lot more than other genres of digital media writers. It is their job to write like thousands of one and a half thousand words on a single topic. Which makes them use one word like I gave the example above multiple times that can make that writing piece looks like stuffed with any particular word. This is where the SEO writer has to use the words smartly so its content doesn’t look stuffed with any word.

SEO writing has no “me”:

Even if you don’t like to drive a manual car, being an SEO writer, you still have to write the benefits of driving a manual car and why everyone should use manual gears. This is because there is no “me” in the SEO writing. No one on the internet is interested in reading what you believe and what your views. Everyone wants to read and know what they are searching for and it is your job being an SEO writer to provide them that information through your writing.

Smart use of Keywords:

To use a keyword which is related to the field of astronomy in an article which is based on the laws of the USA is the job of the mavens. Keywords are the most important thing in SEO and every writer has to use them according to the requirement in their writing to rank their websites for that keyword in the Google search engine ranking page. This is another difference between the creative writing and SEO writing. These keywords are must use that is why an SEO writer has to create a scenario in his written article to incorporate the keywords even if they are not related to the topic. It is their job to make it look natural and related to the content of that article or else it will create a negative impact on the reader and especially on the crawler of the Google which is the main target of every SEO practice.

Meet the demands of the Publishers:

Another headache that only SEO writers have to suffer is the demands of the publishers. Most of the times the SEO writers need to write the content for different websites just to get the links. But if the website refuses to publish content due to any reason, the write is solely responsible for it. That is why the SEO writer has to vary his style and paragraph structures according to the demands of each website for which he or she is writing.

This is from what creative writers are immune. The creative writers only deal with the unfeigned content which is unique and get accepted anywhere according to the quality. On the other side, the SEO writers have to create a concoction content which is based on the information from different sources. That is why many times it may sound like a copied or unoriginal content which caused them to refused by many websites to publish.

Author Bio:

The Joe Pirest is a well-renowned writer and the student of Creative Writing who likes to read and write everything related to creativity, design and media ethics. He also works with the writing company and gives  help with dissertation to the students in need.


  1. Hi Joe,

    I remember when it was so easy to rank content on Google if you just used the keyword enough times. I kind of miss those days 🙂

    While I don’t spend a lot of time focusing on SEO, I do believe that it’s important if you want traffic from Google.

    I’ve finally started seeing some traffic from Google. It takes time for keywords to start ranking, but you’re right, instead of stuffing keywords. We just have to learn how to use them properly.

    Thanks for sharing this information, have a great day 🙂


  2. I do agree keywords are most important thing in SEO, and smart use of keywords make them worth full.. Thanks for all the tips.

  3. it’s such a nice and very useful article. Thanks for sharing,Thanks for this Wonderful article.

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