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Things To Do Before Writing A Good Blog

Anyone with good vocabulary and sense of paragraph structuring can create a blog post which even gets published on the low domain authority websites. However, getting your blog list on the high domain authority websites like imbloggingtips.com, you need some special skills and certain preparations before writing your blog.

Blogging is the greatest way to create a need for your product in the masses. It is also the best way to spread awareness about any issue which needs immediate attention. Blogging is the answer of every internet question. Either you want your website to get listed on Google Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) or for the educational purpose, writing an excellent blog post is essential.

Things To Do Before Writing A Good Blog

Usually, many SEO experts complain that after posting dozens of blogs post on different websites, Google is still not ranking their websites anywhere on SERP. The major reason behind this is the quality of the blogs which they post on the pointless blogging websites which even Google doesn’t crawl. To get the maximum outcome out of the blog submissions, every SEO expert should pass the link of this blog to their content writing team because in the next lines of this blog I am going to reveal some of the pre-blog writing things. The following things can make your ordinary blog into the material of top-notch blog websites like imbloggingtips.com.

Get a good sleep:

Writing is an art which can only be achieved if you are ready for it. Writing is not like operating any machine where you work like a robot. In the blog writing, you need to do things which no other profession demands. That is why getting a good sleep before writing any blog for high domain authority websites is important. By getting a sound sleep, you can easily focus on your objectives and message delivery. If you are writing a blog post for SEO purpose, a fresh mind will help you to incorporate your keywords better that would help the linked website to increase its ranking on SERP.

Write before the deadline:

Don’t wait for the blog submission deadline. It will rush you to complete the word count before the clock tick 12 so you can get your payment. This will not help you to get your paycheck because a blog written in such tight schedule can never be published on any quality blogging website. You should make sure that you write at least 24 hours before the deadline so you can write it with ease and can do some editing in it after proof-reading it multiple time. This will not only make your life easy but also enhance your blog so it can be list on best blogging websites.

Find the peace:

If you live in a hostel or your home is full of people especially kids, then you have to find any other place for the writing. The disturbance that people creates is very dangerous for the writing. You either find a place where no one would disturb you or have to learn how to write a blog in short bust so you can listen to your home mates and can give proper attention to your blog too. Finding the peace for writing an excellent blog is imperative because it helps you to craft every word in the paragraph like the jewels on the fish wire. One of the best quality of a good blog is that its every word supports the next one and you can only do this by finding the peace of mind.

Dedicated Place:

Another way to achieve the peace of mind is by dedicating a place in your home or in any library which you would use only for blogging. If you don’t have such place, then you should find and dedicate one because by this you would be conditioned easily. Conditioning is a psychological phenomenon which creates a certain feeling in the mind of a human that keep him involved and focused. By dedicating a place for writing, you could also get this feeling which will keep you focused on your tasks.

Solve the Topic First:

Before writing about it, you should be clear about the topic first. To put the most in your blog, you should be able to understand every relevant detail of your blog topic so you don’t have to search the details again and again while writing. This will not only break the tempo of your blog but will create inconsistency in your blog too.

Research your competitor:

Keep your friends close and enemies closer. Make this line as wallpaper of your laptop because this is the must thing to do before writing any blog post for a reputable website. I am not talking about the business competitor for whom you are writing a blog post. I am referring to the blog posts which are based on your topic. You have to make sure that you provide additional information in your blog so it can get more views than your competitors. You must ensure that no part of your blog sound similar to your competitor blog post so the best blogging website can accept it without finding it plagiarized.

Final Words:

Writing is an art which you can only get from nature. According to a famous quote of Tupac, “Before I write, I let my mind go and let the Lord do his thing”. This line shows that how much focus and attention writing demands. This is the reason why content is considered to be the king in SEO world.

If you find this blog helpful or have anything to say about this blog post, share it with me and my readers in the comment box below and I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

Author bio:

Jenner is an Academic Teacher and an innovative writer. She has completed her studies and is skilled in Research Paper Writing and would like to help students with their career problems.



  1. Hey Jenner and Vishwajeet,

    A perfect sleep is required to make your mind relaxed. I remember how used to write three years back. It was a disaster.

    Having a calm atmosphere always makes me happy. I write only when I want to.
    Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. Thanks for sharing these good tips while preparing to write a port for website.

  3. All of the Points that are mention above effect a great deal of writing a Blog.
    But if you personally ask me I would want to stress on finding a Peaceful workplace for myself away from all the distractions.
    Thanks for Coming Up with this Great Post.


  4. To be honest this is one of the best post of your.
    Thanks for sharing.

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