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Tips for Writers Using Social Media

Social media is omnipresent. Everyone seems to be using it and it is overtaking newspapers as the main source of information. However, it has become synonymous with time-wasting and is often described as procrastination platform While this is true for those who use it only for chatting, social media is actually one of the best marketing tools.

5 Explanations on Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

What about writers? Should they just get down to writing and forget about everything else? That would be an incredibly short-sighted approach- those who do not build their online presence on social media miss out on a lot of things. It’s through engaging on social media that writers can connect with their readers and promote their books. On top of that, while Marcel Proust was, without any doubt, a great writer, his thick books and long sentences would not sit well with today’s readers and their short attention spans. In that sense, the haiku style of social media statuses and posts can only help a writer develop a more concise writing style.

Here are some of the tips for writers using social media:

  • Finding Trending Topics

Keeping up with current trends is one of the most important ingredients for every writer’s success. To put it simplyall writers (fiction, non-fiction and bloggers alike) write for the audience and the key to their success is finding out what their audience wants to read and then writing about it in an engaging way. Those who favor Twitter can use the Moments tab to find the most popular stories of the day and related Tweets. Facebook users can do the same by checking the right hand side of their News Feed.

  • Blogs About Blogs

People simply love to be critical and discuss someone else’s work because it is in their nature, so many bloggers use it as their springboard into the world of writing. Luckily, it is not all about vanity and gossiping. Bloggers are modern-day critics, their opinion is valued, especially if their writing advice is constructive. By reading what these bloggers have to say, a writer can avoid receiving a bad feedback and find out what is in demand. There are a lot of blogs which offer useful advice, but some of my personal favorites are: Copyblogger and Thewriterslife.

  • Choose a Good Topic

No matter how good of a writer one is, writing about the topic which has been recycled over and over again, is not the best way to attract attention. People nowadays get bored easily and a fresh, innovative approach is needed to keep them awake and interested. Using social media, a writer can find out what has already been published and find a new niche which has not received a lot of attention up until that point.

  • Investigating the Audience

What color and design of book cover to decide for? What people enjoy to read and what would they like to be written? Do they have their favorite name for the book character? These are only some of the questions which can be answered by investigating the audience on social media. This could be done either by creating polls or by engaging with the audience in the form of direct questions. Either way, this is a great strategy for those who want to avoid straying away.

  • Finding the Ways of Promotion

There is one good advice for all writers using social media: 80% of the time should be spent interacting with people and the other 20% of the time should be used for self- promotion Many writers make a mistake of doing it the other way around, they use social media to bury their followers under the heap of promotional tweets and statuses.

No one likes that. People prefer genuine interaction and the best way to self- promote is to come across as a genuine and likable person and not some sort of a robot bombarding their brain with promotional slogans. Those who can get their followers to like them, find it easy to sell their books and articles to them.

Once that first connection has been established, it becomes easier to ask Facebook fans, for example, to share a writer’s page with their friends. In the similar vein, Facebook “About me“ section can be used as a blurb. In short, social media should be used as the indirect form of marketing- meaningful communication comes first and the rest will follow.

Social media can bring a lot of benefits to those who know how to use it wisely. It is an important marketing tool, but not in the good, old – and intrusive way. Those writers who know how to use social media to connect with their audience in a genuine way by providing valuable content that attracts their attention and answers their needs, are the ones who benefit from it. It requires a lot of networking but, ultimately, it all pays off.

About the author:

Samantha Anderson is Educator and blogger. She applies her educational experience to writing study tips for students on her blog and writing research papers for writing service . Samantha loves teaching and is an open-minded person that always looks for additional ways to self-growth.



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