Top 10 dangerous social Networking apps for teens that harbors cyber predators

Top 10 dangerous social Networking apps for teens that harbors cyber predators

The dangerous social networking apps have become fascinating for the young teens and they spend all day long by using the contemporary cell phone devices. The social messaging apps usage is on the rise no time ever before. The young teenagers are the most frequent users of the modern day social messaging apps. Today we are going to address all the dangerous social media apps for teens that have been captured by the online predators to the fullest. The online predators have made the social media channels as their epicenter and they approach young teens online and harm them with their different techniques. There are following top 10 dangerous apps for teens.


The famous social media app Facebook is no more the same as for the teens. The online predators such as online bullies and sexual predators have targeted young teens online. They are using Facebook as their cover to harm teens online and to have anonymity to avoid the law enforcement agencies to hunt them down.  There more than 100 million of users are using FB social messaging app and young teens are the regular users of the messenger. Therefore, parents have to keep an eye on teens Facebook activities.


Tinder is known as one of the famous dating apps these days. However, the Tinder officials themselves have claimed that 7% of the users are teenagers. They are in the between the age of 13 to 17. So, the presence of stalkers and sexual predators is obvious because Tinder is a purely dating site. Parents have to keep eye teens cell phone activities, either they are using Tinder or not.


Yahoo is one of the oldest social messaging apps and it supports the users to have chat in chat rooms, make audio and video conversations, shared media files and even user can do group conversations. Yahoo was the largest platform for dating and still, young teens are using the messenger as the online dating app. cyber bullies are very active members of the social messaging app that hunt young teens online. Therefore, teens should know about the vulnerabilities regarding Yahoo social media app. Parents should realize that how it dangerous yahoo would be for teens.


It is the known as the king of mobile messaging over the years and has 2 billion active users. Teens are one of the regular users of the WhatsApp. Teens usually share their contact number on social apps. The online predators such as cyber bullies, child abusers, and sexual predators used the number and chase teens on WhatsApp messenger. They develop friendly terms with emotional teenagers and then use them for sexual means.


Adam scot stated that online predators chase young teenagers on Snapchat. Teens don’t realize that they are older than them and finally trapped. Cyberbullies and stalkers are the two main players on the messenger who trap teens online on Snapchat and believe in “bunny hunting”. Gradually they make teens friends and then ask for the real-life meeting. A large number of school going and college going teens are using the platform all day long


It is usually known as the pretty app, the place where young teens share soft focus, filtered images and even in a compromised way. The online predators such as sexual predators and stalkers search about sexy and hot teens and finally they come to pages. They hunt teens in bikini photos and send them text messages and admire their beauty in such affection and trap teens. Stalkers, cyber bullies, and sexual predators groomed young teens via Instagram and meet them in real life. Parents should guide teens to make privacy settings on their profiles.


Almost 40% of teens in the United States are using Kik social media app. Kik has almost 300 million active users. But over the years it has become defacto app of online predators that stalk, and abuse young children. They approach their profiles on Kik and got friendly terms in order to fulfill their dark motives in real life, according to the reports collaboration between British investigative media company Point and Forbes.


It is basically a micro-blogging website where kids and teens have made their blogs to share their thoughts and ideas. However, users can follow each other’s blogs. It is dramatically most popular social platform among young teens, with 5.3 million users. Young kids and teens can follow any online predators that spread self-harming techniques in their blogs such as burn and scar challenge and others.


Skype is free social media platform that empowers users text messages, audio and videos calls, shared media such as photos and videos. Young teens often use this tool for audio and video calls without knowing their parents and often manipulated to show their compromising photos and live videos to their boyfriends. The stuff can easily record and become the factor of embarrassment and help stalkers and sexual predators to blackmail the teens. Therefore, parents need to aware of and keep an eye on minors and teens activities on the Skype.


The social messaging app Vine enables users to share 6-seconds long videos the platform. Young teens fascinate a lot with the social media app and make short videos in compromising manner and then share it on the messenger. It allows a user to make the account more than 17 years of age, but young tweens have their accounts on it. It does not allow any privacy settings on the profile that benefits a lot to the cyber predators such as child abusers to see the complete profile of the young user.

How to avoid cyber predators to protect teens from IM’s dangers?

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They just need to install the cell phone spying app on teen’s cell phones. After that parents can use IM’s social media spy app for phones and track social media apps. Parents can view IM’s logs of all the above mentioned dangerous social media apps. You can view chat conversations, audio and video calls shared media as photos and videos and listen to the Voice calls.


Parents don’t need to worry about the presence of cyber predators on Top 10 dangerous social media apps for teens. They can protect teens from online predators, just need to monitor the social messaging apps with cell phone tracking spyware.

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