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Top 5 SEO Apps for Android

If you are even marginally interested in web design or blogging, you must have heard of Search Engine Optimization, or widely known as SEO. It is a delicate and often long process of optimizing your web page to rank higher among results on search engines. It generally helps your page or blog to gain much-needed visibility, exposure and naturally lead to increased traffic. SEO targets different kinds of searches, such as local search, video search or even image search.

Android Device

Aside from popular desktop solutions, in the recent years with widespread popularity of smart devices, we have seen increased number of Android apps for SEO on the go. Since most of the things these days are done through mobiles and tablets, seeing this type of apps is not so unusual. But like with everything regarding mobile apps, especially taking in consideration over saturated marketplace, it’s hard to decide what is worth trying and using. Here, we will introduce you to few heavy hitters from this field, and perhaps encourage you to try some of them yourself.

SEO SERP Mojo Rank Tracker

This Android SEO app helps you to track ranking history for all three most popular search engines today: Google, Bing and Yahoo. It’s a great app that allows users to generate, download and view all needed ranking reports. This in general means that you can analyze Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) for your targeted keywords and all of your URLs. It comes with features which allow users to track trends and clearly visualize the performance of their websites over a certain period of time. While a free version of this app allows unlimited keywords on several URLs, the pro version comes with more features and performs automatic rank-checking updates.

Sinium SEO Tools

With a flattering moniker of “the most powerful SEO app in the world”, Sinium SEO Tools surely does not disappoint with its arsenal of functionality. In essence this app is a huge all-in-one toolbox, counting over 50 tracking instruments. With it, you can have an easy insight on various aspects of your online presence, from just about anywhere. With Sinium, keeping track of your positions is easy and fast. Especially since at your disposal are MozRank, Alexa Rank, Page Rank Check and more. As far as on site tools go, with Meta Tag Analyzer and Meta Tag Generator, you can take care of all aspects of your meta tags. Some technical tools you will find in this app include Source Code, Mobile Friendly Test, Spider Simulator, Domain Tools Category, Website Speed Test, and Server Status. Functionality of Sinium SEO Tools does not stop here, but you are encouraged to explore it further on your own.

SEO & Link Analyzer

With the very same API as the Search-metrics tool on your PC, SEO and Link Analyzer app allows you to analyze your website’s URLs rankings in various search engine result pages. It also monitors every social medial signal generated by your URLs, track the pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO visibility of your website. Furthermore it can even identify all the links of your domain. If you want a snapshot of top ranking keywords, or a report showing all the websites competing with the website you’re interested in optimizing, SEO & Link Analyzer will take care of that. If needed, app can even evaluate effects of search engine algorithm updates, such as Panda or Penguin.

Simple Analytics Widget

For those of you who are in need of tracking your Google Analytics data at every given moment, then this app might come in handy. It’s a simple 4×1 widget, which shows the data for specific metrics, with comparable data from past few days, weeks or months. The good thing about it is that you can easily add multiple home widgets to your device, so you can have multiple metrics right on the same screen. Basically, all you need to do is to connect your Google Analytics account with the app, and simply configure which metrics you would like to have on the screen. This app, or rather widget, has nice and clean interface, with good readability and ease of access.

Search Engine Land

If you need a trusted source for latest search engine related news, you need to have Search Engine Land app on your android device. I’m sure that everyone from this field is following Search Engine Land web page. But why not just using dedicated app to have quick access to latest news, editorials,  and quick updates, with notifications about top stories and hot topics. With this app you can browse latest news by channel, or rather topic, mark articles as favorites, save them for offline reading, share news with your peers over social media and so on. This app is a nice and easy way of keeping up to date with every news from this field.

These SEO apps are great way of keeping up with metrics of your online campaigns no matter where you are. As expected they do not offer the comfort and impressive functionality of desktop interfaces, but that’s not the goal anyway. These apps should be used as companion tools for all your SEO needs on the go. All apps mentioned above are available for download from official Google Play Store.

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