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Top Niches for Affiliates

There are many niches online that can make you a good affiliate commission. However some are more profitable than others.

But before I dig into the most profitable niches, you first need to understand the difference between money niches and free niches.

Free Niches vs. Money Niches

A Good example that can demonstrate my point is the “weight gain” niches vs. “weight loss” niches.

Weight gain niche is for people who are looking to put on weight because they are skinny, while weight loss is the opposite.

Both of those niches have tons of products you can become an affiliate to, however people who search for weight gain are mostly people who are looking for free articles on what food to eat while people who search for weight loss are usually looking for products to buy like pills and training courses and equipments.

Take a look for these Amazon search results for “weight gain”


You can see that the products there are more related to muscles gain that it is to weight gain, and that’s a total shift in niche.

This means that your target audience may not be interested directly on any weight gain focused products you may offer them (like an ebook). And that can cause you a major problem in your affiliate review targeting as you will see the conversion rates very low.

On the other hand, a simple weight loss search on Amazon shows us:


These are very niche specific products, and when you target weight loss in your affiliate review page copy, you will see a better conversion rates as you will be providing a direct solution to their problem.

Basically you need to research your niche on either Amazon or Google depending on your niche, so for software or services or other products then a simple Google search can show you if there are products that directly solves the problems of people in your niche.

Properties of High Paying Niches

High paying niches are not only those that pay $100s and sometimes $1000s of affiliate commissions, but also niches with significant number of searches on them (high demand) can be considered high paying niches.

Usually offline products tends to have very high commissions like luxury items as well as education niches since courses and training either online or offline cost a lot of money.

It takes the same effort to promote a $10 product as $5000 product, so why chase pennies when you can work hard and be reward with much higher affiliate sales.

While of course it’s harder to sell a high end product than a cheap product, but then you only need 1 sale a month for $5000 product as opposed to 100 sales a month for $10 product.

Top 5 Affiliate Niches

Ok so here is the list of niches you should consider:

#1 Travel Niche

The travel niche is a billion dollar industry, because most people around the world take a vacation and you could tap into fraction of this money for your affiliate gains.

There are many cruise companies that offer affiliate programs with generous commissions.

To find these lucrative affiliate programs, you can Google search “cruise deals site:.com/affiliate”


Also many affiliate networks like CJ.com do list some of these affiliate programs that you can choose from.

For example CruiseDirect.com offers a generous 3% affiliate commission on cruise deals you promote, and those cruises cost from $1000 to $4000 and sometimes even more.

So if you managed to make a sale for $4000 cruise at 3% commission, you could earn $120 per person.


Cruises are not the only way to make money in the travel niche, also hotels, resorts and airlines offer affiliate commissions.

#2 Luxury Yachts, Boats, Watches Niche

Luxury products are for rich people and therefore tend to be high priced which means larger affiliate commission for you.

A Google search for “yacht site.com/affiliate” will give you many affiliate programs you can pick from:


For example, SeaEagle.com gives up to 18% affiliate commissions, and their products can go as high as $2000


So for 1 sale of a $2000 boat (at 18% affiliate commission) will earn you $378 per sale.


#3 Make Money Online Niche

The make money online niche is one of the most lucrative there is, there are over 100,000 searches for various make money online keywords.

And with the vast variety of products in this niche like training courses, software, services you can certainly build your affiliate website so you can target multiple products at a time and offering diverse solutions. And that can have high impact on your conversion rates.

Make money online products can easily reach $1000 that’s because most of product owners will sell complementary products along with the main product (known as upsells).

That kind of selling model can mean that when you promote 1 product, the product owner tries to sell at least another product and you still earn commission from both.

Product owners in this niche also tend to give commissions up to 75% per sale and that is more generous than many other niches.

#4 Web Hosting Niche

This is a B2B niche, meaning that you will be selling your affiliate products to other businesses. And any business owner tends to have a specific budget set aside, so they will afford the kind of high prices that comes with products in this niche.

And the web hosting niche is particularly a lucrative one for any affiliate, since web hosting is a basic need for any online business.

Doing a Google search to find web hosting companies that offer affiliate program is simple, just search “web hosting site:.com/affiliate”


Some web hosting companies offer affiliates commissions up to $500 per 1 sale



In fact, there are many affiliates who generate over $100,000 each month solely from promoting web hosting affiliate programs.

#5 Recurring Affiliate Commissions

We have outlined various high paying affiliate products and affiliate products in high demand niches.

However you should not ignore products that charge customers on monthly basis and in turn offer affiliates monthly commissions from the same customer.

Recurring commissions varies from one product to another.

One affiliate program promises to earn you $800 recurring commission that can be paid once you make a sale.


To clarify imagine that a customer bought a yearly plan which earns you $800 in affiliate commission, that means you don’t have to wait for the year to pass, instead you instantly get paid your $800 because the customer prepaid for his plan. And you get to earn the same $800 each year.

And doing a simple Google search for “recurring site:.com/affiliate” will reveal such affiliate programs


The best thing about affiliate programs with recurring commissions is that you will find very diverse set of products, from corporate solutions to software,scripts,services and so on…

Any affiliate marketing training tend to provide affiliates with the tools and methods to find niches, but finding a high paying niche is something you have to be doing on your own.

That’s simply because you cannot automate such searches, since many niches will depend greatly on human judgment to calculate the costs vs profits in any niche.


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