X obstacles you need to overcome to get clients through blogging.

There’s no doubt that blogging is a powerful weapon in the digital world. Here’s some figures to back that up:

  • Businesses that blog receive 97% more links to their websitewhen you produce trully helpful content for your visitors, you increase your inbound links which in, turn increase your reputation as a thought leader and a valuable resource place.
  • By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human – this means that your potential customers will make an initial research about your product and services before talking to you or submitting your contact form. So, your blog is your chance to “talk” to the customers before actually talking to them.
  • If your business blogs on a regular basis, you are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI – basically, you don’t spend money on other advertising methods because you have your own 24/7 sales person.


Despite all these evidence, small business owners, marketers, affiliate marketers and even bloggers sometimes struggle creating content leaving a lot of money on the table.

In this article, we’ll see how you can overcome 3 of the most common obstacles that stop people from getting clients through blogging.

1) Attitude

I am a huge fan of inbound marketing so I always tell people to create useful content to connect with their audience or potential customers. And complain I hear most often (expecially from small business owners) is: But I’m not a writer. I’m a developer, engineer, manager [insert your profession here]. I can’t create huge posts.

So here are 3 things to think about in order to overcome the writing fear:

  1. Don’t try to stop the voices


We all have those negative voices that creep in when we’re afraid. You know what I’m talking about – What if people will leave negative comments? What if people will laugh? What if, What if…?

In A Beautiful Mind, when someone from the Nobel Prize committee asks schizophrenic mathematician John Nash how he silenced the voices that threatened to interfere with his work and his life, Nash replies something to the effect of, “I didn’t. They’re talking to me right now. I have simply made a choice to stop engaging with what they’re saying.”

I guarantee you that once you create your first piece of content and someone reads it (especially someone you know very well), you’ll see that the biggest “disaster” was only in your head. And little by little, as you’ll see some results, those voices will speak more and more quietly.

  1. You don’t have to be a writer

In fact, most bloggers aren’t. And they’re making fortunes! Look around in your industry. If they can, so can you! Writing for the web isn’t as writing for your doctoral thesis.


Have you ever had a conversation with someone when you spoke passionately about something, whether it was about a hobby or your product or service? Or, have you ever tried to explain how something works to someone?

Well, you’ll write down that conversation on your blog and you’ll be just fine because the Internet is all about conversation.

III. Don’t wait until it’s perfect



The need for perfection can paralyze you and even make you hit the delete button. But perfection isn’t necessary to write a good blog post simply because perfection is only in our heads. What is perfect for me, it might be horrible for you.

Think about it like this: what if you wrote an article that could have changed someone’s life or could have reached hundreds of potential customers? But you deleted it…

Write your article, edit it and hit the publish button! You can come back and edit it or update it anytime later.

2) Lack of ideas

Did it ever happen to you to sometimes have a ton of ideas in your head (either for some blog posts titles or for a certain topic), and when you want to write something on your blog … all blank? Or even worse, you write a few sentences, and then you run out of ideas. It used to happen to me all the time when I wanted to write something for my blog.

Until I discovered the mistake I did. I used to tell myself: Oh, this is a very important idea. I won’t write it down. No way I forget it!

Now I use notes tools such as Google Keep or Evernote where I write down all the ideas. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. I’ll delete them later if I see they are useless. But usually, when I start writing a blog post, even those bad ideas generate some good ideas.


I do the same thing when I am searching for new blog post topics or titles and I suggest you do the same. Another thing you can do to come up with blog post topics is to use some title or topic generator tools such as Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator or Tweak Your Biz (or you can just do a search for blog topic generators and you’ll find dozens). I personally use Hubspot.

Another thing you can do to overcome the fear of writing is to see what exactly are people’s problems. You can use forums or Q&A (Quora, Reddit etc) sites to see what are some frequently asked questions, what answers do others provide or what do people like to talk about. Sometimes it happens that you spot an angle that others have missed, and you can write a blog post as a better, unique view on the topic.


3) Writing skills

At TrafficSorcerer people often hire me as an SEO writer like me because they think you have to be the next Hemingway to write some content. You don’t.

In fact, to get clients through blogging, 2 things you need to do: you must know very well your audience and you need to have some blog post templates.

If you get to know your audience, you’ll automatically know the tone of voice to use, the type of language to use, how deep to enter in a certain subject. For example, if you are writing for people who want to learn programming, you’ll have to be very careful to explain every term and don’t get caught by the knowledge curse.

After you get to know your audience, you’ll want to have a structure of your content. Having some templates help you stay focused on only one thing at a time (introduction, idea, argument etc) and doesn’t let your mind jump from an idea to another (or even worse, from introduction to a conclusion). In this way, you not only write faster, but you’ll also create a piece of content that is very easy to be read.

I sometimes still use some blog post templates from Hubspot because they make the job more easier. You have to follow a template very strictly. Use it to have a guideline, as something to rely on.



It has never been more easier to get clients through blogging. All you have to do is get the right mind set, know your audience and have a clear structure of how your piece of content will look when you’re done.

And one more important thing I forgot to tell you. The best writing day is today. Start from today and I guarantee you that when you’ll look at your posts from 3 months ago, you’ll say: Wow, now that’s an improvement!


Vishwajeet Kumar

Vishwajeet Kumar is a passionate and full-time blogger. He is the Owner and Author of this blog. He started his blogging career in late 2016 and has written various articles on Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SEO etc. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

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